Company Novellus d.o.o. focuses on various market research and connecting the industry on a technical-commercial level. In more than 10 years since our beginnings, we specialised in implementing electro-mechanical components. Our main programmes are electro-engine components and distributing electro-material.

We also work outside of Slovenian borders. You can currently find us also in Croatia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Our business partners can expect our cooperation on different levels. We can conduct a market research for the buyer: for example we can find a specific component at best commercial conditions. On the other hand we can conduct a market research for the supplier: for example gather information from a specific region, customer quantity, purchase power, supply quantity, statistics, etc.

We are especially specialised for delivering material and equipment for cable TV producers. In this field we're connecting recognisable, international companies, which produce components of the best quality and best conditions. Our buyers are internationally acknowledged companies as Siemens, BHS, Gorenje, Cablex, Yazaki, Yura, Leoni, Rimac, Pipistrel and many others.

Our advantage is connecting the industries. Not just in above mentioned fields and regions. In case our partner needs components or equipment from 3rd party manufacturers, that aren't our partners or are from 3rd countries, we can also provide them with technical and commercial support and gather necessary informaton.

In case you want to test our capabilities, gather useful information from the electro-machine industry, please write to us at: